Stealthy Parenting

Learn subtle tips for parenting gifted kids that provide a big payoff.  Nobody wants to be known as that “Helicopter Parent” who zooms in at the slightest upset.  Instead, learn ways to be the “Umbrella Parent” who provides minimal support for maximum coverage. (Workshop approx. 50 minutes)


Workshop Support and Notes:

1.  Create an Academic Binder for each child.  Be sure to include:

  1. Testing records
  2. Gifted records
  3. Shot Records
  4. Birth Certificate/Passport Copies
  5. Awards
  6. Clubs
  7. Programs
  8. Report Cards/Transcripts
  9. Competitions
  10. Summer Camps
  11. Work Samples
  12. Reference Letters or Contact Information for References

Later include Financial Aid/Scholarship Info.

2.  School is not a race!  It is a Journey.  Determine what you want to get out of it.

3.  Social/Emotional IQ matters!  Support the appropriate social growth of your child in whatever ways you can.

4. Encourage creativity!  Use filler time to foster brain power.

5.  Provide perfect praise!  Not all praise is productive.  Praise effort as much as achievement.

6.  Create a safe environment for failure.  Provide coping skills to turn failure into opportunity.

7.   Model humility.  Give the ultimate gift of a healthy and humble perspective towards others.

8.  Don’t be bored.  Boredom is highly overrated.

9.  Work on your strengths.  Trying to fill the gaps of weaknesses is frustrating and not always productive.

10.  Unashamedly be the “pole”!  Don’t be afraid to be the advocate your child needs.




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