Animal Enrichment

This hands-on student workshop provides children with an opportunity to go from awareness to action while studying about the challenges of keeping animals in captivity.  Students will learn about the history of zoological parks, discover interesting facts about zoo design, and select an animal to create an imaginative device for animal enrichment. (workshop length approx. 4 hours)


Students: Use the links below during the workshop to complete our tasks and then revisit them at home later as desired to learn all about animal care in zoos around the world.

Rate a Zoo



Animal Research

Safe Search


Zoo Atlanta


Disney Animal Enrichment

Animal Information



Design a Home


Online Activities

Safari Park


Design a Habitat


Zoo Activities


Design a Zoo Mr. Nussbaum

Zoo  and Wildlife Webcams

Atlanta Zoo


SanDiego Zoo


Houston Zoo


Reid Park Zoo


Wildlife Cam


National Zoo



Aquarium Cam


Variety of Animals


Georgia Aquarium Sea Otter Ice Sculptures





Animal Enrichment


Virginia Zoo


Zoo Atlanta Definition


Honolulu – What is Enrichment


Fort Worth – Definition


Woodland Park – What is Enrichment



Types of Animal Enrichment


Types of Enrichment from Missouri


National Zoo – Types of Animal Enrichment


Disney’s Types of Animal Enrichment


Indianapolis Orangutan Center

Enrichment Gone Wrong


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